Everyone wants to start off on a great note and I’m no exception that I postponed and postponed my first post here for more than a year. Of late my life is seeing less smiles, that I thought I needed a change and that change had to begin with me. What can I do to bring a positive impact in my life? Watch inspiring videos? Hang out with friends/socialise? Find a new hobby? A million suggestions popped in my mind that the simplest of the solutions got buried to the base of my mind. I, for one realized I am paying more attention to the details in setting up a plan instead of utilizing the time to actually begin the plan.

It doesn’t need to be grand as long as it serves the purpose.

Now that is what brought me here. Writing! One of the important pillars of communication. The one which I pride myself in. The one which when used with utmost care and brilliance can evolve into something great.

With this knowledge I wrote the very first lines of my blog post but there was this constant voice nagging me that ” my writing won’t make the cut .” This led to umpty number of rewrites that I finally gave up with the hope of visiting it in the future, which surprisingly came sooner than I guessed.

Nas daily is a famous page in Facebook which I happen to chance upon in my newsfeed. The admin of the page made one minute videos that brought together people of different origin and got to know them better. Lovely yet unbelievable right? Initally I too was skeptical and assumed he cashed in on his oratorical skills but the comment section proved me otherwise. It sort of became an intellectual forum though some posts had severe backlash from those offended. Still it din’t minimise the quality of the content which made me understand that

Simple is powerful when voiced in the right way.

He then goes on to make a video on the history of Nas daily which stated that his first video had few likes and he was frustrated but he never let it bother him. He continued doing what he was good at and one day it all started clicking. Even if it doesn’t you know sleep in knowing that you gave it a try. So start today because

Starting today is better than starting strong on any other day.